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Secret Santa 2023

Ugly sweater submission for the Genetics Department's holiday party contest

Fall 2023 apple picking

Farewell to Maria Fernanda, who briefly returned to the C-Lab as a visiting scholar!

Gabrielle presenting her poster at the 2023 BPH Retreat

Celebrating Laura and Priah's Current Biology paper

Luciann's in-person graduation ceremony

2021 Summer Celebration

2020 Secret Santa

December 2019 Team Photo

2019 Genetics Dept. Halloween Party

October 2019 Team Photo

Maria Fernanda Hornos Carneiro in her new position in Chile

Our SHURP student, Don Eaford, presenting his 2019 summer project

Colaiacovo lab, past and present, in 2019 C. elegans International Conference

Nara's B-day

Celebrating Nara's Environmental Chemicals Screening paper

The lab visits Harvard's Natural History museum

Having some ice cream in JP licks

Taka has his own lab now in Japan!

Our SHURP student, Don Eaford, presenting his 2018 summer project

2017's Secret Santa

Jinmin´s Farewell at Thaitation

October 2017 Team pictures

Our lab

Hussam's last day in the lab

Lab lunch!

2015's Secret Santa


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Telephone: 1-617-432-6543