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Monica is interviewed in Harvard Medicine magazine (Autumn 2017; Volume 90, Number 3)

Nov, 2017

This latest issue of Harvard Medicine Magazine is focused on the environment. Monica talks about the research from our lab looking into how reproductive health is impacted due to exposures to common chemicals present in our environment.

Link to Harvard Medical Magazine

Monica became an editorial board member of PLOS Genetics!

Apr, 2016

PLOS Genetics publishes human studies, as well as research on model organisms—from mice and flies, to plants and bacteria. Their emphasis is on studies of broad interest that provide significant insight into a biological process or processes. Topics include (but are not limited to) gene discovery and function, population genetics, genome projects, comparative and functional genomics, medical genetics, disease biology, evolution, gene expression, complex traits, chromosome biology, and epigenetics.

Link to PLOS Genetics

2016 Department of Genetics Retreat Poster Winner

Feb, 2016

Nara Shin was a poster presentation winner at the 2016 Department of Genetics Retreat!
She presented her work on: "Assessing Germline Exposure to Environmental Toxicants by High-Throughput Screening in C. elegans"

Dr. Colaiacovo is now a Tenured Full professor

Jul, 2015

The Faces of HMS: A Q&A with Monica Colaiacovo interview

Jul, 2014

You can read this interesting interview of Monica Colaiacovo for @HMS

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Green Eggs and HIM:Uncovering the reproductive effects of chemical exposure

Jun, 2014
@HMS writes an article and records a video about the lab's work regarding the effects of chemical exposures in meiosis

Monica on Science Matters video

Nov, 2013

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