McCarroll lab

        Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

We study how the human genomes varies in structure and sequence and how this genetic variation influences molecular phenotypes in cells and disease risk in human populations.


Sep. 30, 2014

Steve McCarroll talks about new directions for the Stanley Center

: Dedication and Development

   (75 Ames: Broad)

Oct. 15, 2014

Steve McCarroll speaks at Immunomics Symposium at WCPG

: Copenhagen, Denmark

Oct. 19, 2014

Steve McCarroll presents at ASHG invited session



07/22/14: Groundbreaking Announcement: Broad Institute

11/06/13: Avery Davis aces her PQE.

11/02/13: Perspective “Our Fallen Genomes” is

published in Science.

10/31/13: Perspective “Progress in the Genetics

of Polygenic Brain Disorders: Significant New

Challenges for Neurobiology” published in Neuron.

08/08/13: Paper “Latino genomes point way to

hidden DNA: 20 million base pairs mapped” by

Genovese et al is published in AJHG. (Press


07/15/13: Graduate student Avery Davis joins the


02/24/13: Paper “Using population admixture to

help complete maps of the human genome”

by Genovese et al is published in Nature Genetics.

11/21/12: Paper “Differential relationship

of DNA replication timing to different forms of

human mutation and variation”, by Koren et al

is published in AJHG.

7/16/12: Postdoc Sulagna Ghosh joins the lab.

7/10/12: McCarroll lab in Harvard Medical School News.

7/01/12: Boettger et al published in Nature Genetics. Congratulations to Linda, Bob, Mike,

and Steve.

6/29/12: Summer high school student Cathy Wong joins the lab.

6/25/12: Postdoc Amy Hansen joins the lab.

6/21/12: McCarroll lab receives Stewart Trust Fellow Program award.

6/4/12: Summer researcher Milan Kantesaria joins the lab.

5/29/12: New paper in Nature Genetics News and Views by Evan Macosko and Steven McCarroll.

2/1/2012: Lab Manager Vanessa Van Doren joins the lab.

9/7/2011: Aswin Sekar aces his PQE!

6/13/2011: Postdoc Evan Macosko joins the lab.

5/28: Harvard undergraduate Nolan Kamitaki joins the lab.

5/5: McCarroll lab wins 2011 Harvard-Armenise Junior Faculty Award.

2/13: Handsaker et al is published in Nature Genetics.

1/26: Linda Boettger passes her PQE.

1/18: BBS & New Pathways MD/Ph.D. student Aswin Sekar joins the McCarroll Lab.

12/15/10: Christina Usher passes her PQE.

12/1/10: McCarroll lab wins 2010 Smith Family Foundation Award for Excellence in Biomedical