Older photos

Our 2007 summer BBQ

Our official Lab photo

C Lab in August 2007 (from left: back: Takamune, Carlos,
Yanjie, Kristina. front: Amanda, Monica, Sarit.)

Our "not so official" lab photo

Girl power (an all "XX" made BBQ!)

C-lab - June 2006

from left: back: Carlos, Monica, Sarit. front: Yanjie, Kristina, Takamune

Apple-picking - October 2006

C-lab - January 2005

from left: Monica, Yanjie, Marina, Eric, Sarit, Sandra

C-lab Christmas party
December 2004

Bowling at "King's" with the Wu,
Church and Reich labs
Fall 2004


C-lab - March 2004

from left: Monica, Andreas, Sandra, Allison